guy’s i’ll be back in action soon! i’ve been super busy graduating high school and finding a job xox

ffantasy ASKED:
How about, gifs of the tbp is dead concert and arrange them in those grid gif posts, with like diff sizes making up a collage or sorts?:D
marchingintheblackparade answered:

I could try but those are always hard to make!
Awesome idea though!

incendiaryfeminist ASKED:
/post/7971054698/welcome-to-the-black-parade this one in particular. I just wanted to post it at the bottom of the rules to the site just as a little "welcome". I'd never take something without permission, that wouldn't be fair. ^^ Thank you so much again, you do you want me to send you what the page looks like?
marchingintheblackparade answered:

yeah that’s okay, n_n
and yeah please that would be awesome!

sexy-lesbi4n ASKED:
I love your tumblr
marchingintheblackparade answered:

Thank you so much!
I’m sorry i’ve been so inactive!

sergeantsexface ASKED:
Just posted some pics of my Black Parade costume, so you can reblog that if you like. :)
marchingintheblackparade answered:

Sorry I don’t know how long ago you sent this haha.

Got tix 2 see mcr :D

Posting gifs in a minute!

i keep forgetting to update this blog, i’m soso sorry guys.

I’m also about to pass out due to a headache and extreme tiredness. I’ll update tomorrow xo